Transport for activities

Cabo San Lucas & San José del Cabo, B.C.S. Mexico.

During you're stay in Los Cabos, you'll probably wish to visit some tourist or historic centers or enjoy your favorite restaurant, go to the golf courses, go shopping or whatever other activity that you decide to do; Express Logistic Tour will take you: we can pick you up in your hotel, villa or anywhere else you indicate so that you and your guests can focus solely on having fun and relaxing.

It important that you communicate your itinerary to us, that way we can plan a better trip for you: possible transport routes to take, types of vehicles, dates and hours.

Don’t worry about anything, Express Logistic Tour has the best transportation solution for you.

transport to golf activity in Cabo
Vallarta activities
If you during your visit in Puerto Vallarta you have planned any activities like: Fishing, golfing, shopping, dinner, or any other activities Express logistic tours offer you their services to transfer you in our comfortable units during your stay in this city.

Contact us to share your itinerary, so we can be able to give you the best vehicle according to your activities. We have the best solution in transportation for you and your companions.